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In this work we present a novel approach for transfer-guided exploration in reinforcement learning that is inspired by the human …
Accepted as extended abstract at AAMAS 2020

This paper explores the use of hybrid features by combining HOG features and SURF with CNN classifier for traffic sign classification.


Can a driver trained in TORCS drive in CARLA?

Transferring an agent trained in TORCS simulator to CARLA

But it hasn't driven in this weather before!

Adapting to unseen weather conditions for imitation learning agents

Unnati | Microsoft Code.Fun.Do

Agri-Tech app using deep learning for disease prediction

Mapping IIT-KGP using 3D-LiDAR

Using NDT-Mapping for generating 3D-pointcloud of the IIT-KGP main building


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Deep learning based lane segmentation

Using rainbow of recent deep learning based techniques for lane segmentation

Path planning for autonomous vehicles

Several path planning experiments done while at AGV